Terms and conditions

By using this application, or access to services provided by MisrCab Company for Technology and Training, this is an explicit acknowledgment of your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the agreement and for being a party in it, even if you are less than the legal age or there is a special obstacle of eligibility. The use of the application is considered an implicit admission of your guardians to enter into this agreement. Once you use the application or the use of services provided, you certify that you are fully eligible to use the same or that your legal representatives approves this usage.
Furthermore, using this application or the services provided is limited to your personal use and you do not have the right to transfer this right to another party. Once you use this application or the services provided, it is considered an acceptance of binding and compliance to all laws and regulations enforced in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
WWW.MISRCAB.COM is considered the only platform representing MisrCab
The Company has the right to terminate the agreement if you use the application or any of the services provided through a non-compliant or unauthorized device/tool.
By using the application or the services provided, your consent is obtained to commit to the following:
1) The use of the application or service only for lawful purposes, and is not permitted to use the application or service aimed at any scam or fraud.
2) You are prohibited to be nuisance or to offend anyone by the application or service.
3) Non-blocking network or service.
4) The obligation not to cause harm to the application or service or the network in any way.
5) Commitment to use the application and service for your own purposes and not transferring it to any other party/person through sale or any other way.
6) The obligation to maintain the password to your account to guarantee secured and confidential access to your account.
7) The obligation to provide all the data that prove your identity.
8) Services requested through the Internet are free of charge; however, if requested via SMS, the relevant charges will apply.
Licenses granted by MisrCab and utilized content
The company is committed to grant the application or service user a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, license.
Downloading any of the company’s content should be intended for personal purposes only and viewing any content available for personal purposes only.
The company does not grant any implicit or any other form of grant of any licenses or rights except for the licenses and rights explicitly granted by the company.
The license granted by the user:
The user of this application or service under this agreement grants the company a free international irreversible, permanent, transferrable license without any consequential legal rights.
The company has the right to re-license to use, display and copy, modification, distribution, licensing, selling, transfer, public display, public work, and electronic transfer, or continuous electronic transmission or broadcasting, or other means of exploiting user content and all of that is only through the service or application.
The user alone is responsible for all data and content made available through the service or application. Hence, the user of the application or service recognizes and is committed to the following:
(A) The ownership of all user contents which are available via the application or service, or ownership of the rights, licenses and approvals required to be granted to the company as stipulated in the agreement.
(B) the obligation of not violating, stealing, embezzling of patents, copyright, trademark or trade secrets or individual property rights or the rights of overt publication or privacy of any other party and non-violation of the laws and regulations in force and non-violation of the provisions of the Agreement, through your posts or uploaded data on the website or anything else related the application or service.

Payment terms:
User is obliged to pay any fees or amounts requested by the company for the use of the application or service with immediate effect. Fees are non-refundable unless adequately justified. The non-refunding policy is considered effective and enforced at all times, even after ending the use of the application or service. Only the company maintains the right to determine the final fees. It is to be noted that the fees published on the website might be subject to change without prior notice.
The company might do marketing offers with advantages in prices, being discounted from the published prices to certain or all customers and such offers will not have any affect the agreement or the contract between the user and the company. Yet, the company has the right to change the prices of the service or application if necessary for operational facilitation. User has to regularly check our website to be updated with the company price list for services or application.
Users' behavior:
By accepting this Agreement or by using the application or service, you are committed to complying with the laws and regulations of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Also, you are solely responsible in the event of your failure to comply with these laws.
In case of a violation or non-compliance to Agreement or the laws and regulations in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt or violation of third party rights, or misuse of the service or application, you are committed to compensate the company for damages sustained as a result of this violation as well as legal fees and attorney's fees.
Disclaimer of Warranties:

It should be known that the company does not guarantee the following:
(1) The use of the service or application in the appropriate time and in a secured manner and without interruption or without operational errors.
(2) That the service or application meets your requirements or expectations.
(3) The accuracy or reliability of any data stored.
(4) The quality of any products, services or information or any material that you purchase through the service or application, and satisfying your requirements or expectations.
(5) To correct any error or defect that affects the service or application.
(6) That the service or servers is free from any viruses or any other harmful components. The service and application are provided to you on an "as is" basis. MisrCab clears its responsibility for all conditions, statements, and warranties, whether explicitly expressed or implied, statutory/legal or otherwise, including, but not limited to, any implicit promises to marketing, and validity to certain purpose, or not violating any third party rights, to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of MisrCab for Technology and Training.
MisrCab does not provide any representation, sponsorship, or warranty with respect to reliability, or timeliness or availability any of the services and products or goods that have been obtained from a third party using the service or application. You acknowledge and agree that you bear all risks arising from the use of the application and service, and any services or products belonging to any third party.
Delays related to the Internet:
There may be delays or other problems as a result of issues with internet connectivity or electronic communications, hence, the Company is irresponsible for any delays or problems or damage as a result of the same.
Transfer of Agreement:
Do not transfer your rights to third party without obtaining the prior written consent of the company, while the company is entitled to transfer the agreement, without the consent of the user, to (its parent company or affiliated company, a shareholder in the property or successor entity due to merger), which may be with the exception of this conversion without permission from the user.
Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:
Egyptian law applies to this agreement and the Egyptian judiciary is the concerned whether any dispute arise as a result of this agreement and its interpretation.
General Terms:

1. This agreement is between you and MisrCab it is not considered a partnership or recruitment or agency between the user or company.
2. In the event where any of the terms of the agreement is contradictingwith the laws or regulations in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt, this term will be considered invalid and all other terms and conditions will remain intact, and the Agreement will be deemed correct and valid except for the offending term explained earlier.
3. If the company does not exercise any of its rights or provisions contained within this agreement, this does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision, unless the company acknowledged and agreed on the same explicitly in writing. This Agreement marks the full terms of the arrangement between you and the company, and supersedes any negotiations or discussions, or prior or contemporaneous agreements, whether written or verbal, the parties concerned have conducted on the subject of the present Agreement.
Intellectual property rights:
MisrCab alone owns all intellectual property rights in the application and service, and in all the suggestions, ideas and requests for improvement, and recommendations related to the service or application.
This Agreement shall not be considered a sale or transfer to you any rights related to the service or application ownership or linked to them.
All property rights belonging to MisrCab for Technology and Training. The company name, logo, and the product names associated with the application and service, trademarks are owned by the company and any third party does not have any right or license to use of the above.
Copyright policy:

MisrCab respect all copyright, and ask users to do the same thing. The company will block any user or any account holder violates and does not respect the rights of copyright to a party.