Frequent Asked Questions

MisrCab offers a variety of services and programs, under which a large pool of cars are registered based on the specifications of each program. In addition to that, MisrCab chooses the captain and the car with due cares and in accordance with specific conditions, in order to achieve the highest level of quality and safety for all services provided. The service is provided through a variety of means of communication such as smart phone applications. that allow users to continuously track for their trips and cars reserved. We also provide many ways to pay for services rendered by payment "in cash - credit cards – MisrCab wallet."
We are always looking for ambitious partners having experience in the Egyptian market in the field of transportation reservations, choosing the car, and the captain. Therefore we cooperate with the tour operators, car rental companies and Limousine service, as part of an integrated system, whether on financial or administrative level, and that is through a joint cooperation protocol. For more information on registration of companies' with MisrCab, please fill the form at the following address: Agent Request Or contact us via e-mail: And we will contact you as soon as possible.
We are always looking for ambitious partners from car owners for joint cooperation within an integrated business structure, in order to provide our partners fleet with more cars across the Republic, and within the financial and administrative frame work characterized by transparency and clarity. To register with us please fill in the following form:Captain Request And we will contact you as soon as possible for the initiating of joint cooperation.
The trips can be booked by downloading MisrCab applications on your smartphone. Then set the configuration based on your smartphone type and register your data for the first time only, then choose your favorite car program type. Then locate the point of meeting with the captain and destination on the map. Further, you can locate your favorite places for easy booking in the next trips and determine the appropriate payment method and also you can see the estimated fare for the journey.
You can download the application MisrCab through the official store for your smartphone, free of cost. And you can enter personal details, and you will receive an SMS on your phone to confirm the data. All data stored within MisrCab are strictly confidential.
We are exerting every effort to offer favorable prices to our customers, given that all trips are priced on the basis of a clear "type of program - Mileage - waiting time - traffic congestion." Customers are informed about the pricing and the updates periodically.
You can recharge MisrCab wallet through two methods: first, by purchasing the balance of the wallet through your own credit card, or, second, through recharging it through the captain at the end of your trip. You will benefit of the offers and discounts assigned specifically to MisrCab all the time.
Surcharges are in specific cases in accordance with the pricing policy of MisrCab, such as airports reception, public or private places that impose duties and taxes on the waiting periods or transit through its portal. This is done through a clear and transparent framework for customers through bills sent for each trip.
We always rely on clear criteria in the pricing method for trips traveled with us, which is mileage, waiting periods, and times of congestion, and consequently slight differences for every trip traveled by each captain, due to the selected program, or the taken path, or periods of traffic congestion
We depend on fairpolicy to cancel a booked trip, whether to the costumer or the captain: If the trip was canceled by the captain, the customer isn’t charged any cancellation fees. If the trip was canceled by the customer within 4 minutes from booking time, no cancellation fees are charged. If you have any queries about the cancellation fees, please e-mail us at: Other question If you have any other question or inquiry, please feel free to contact us, we are always looking for development and good communication with you.