• Taxi Star
    MisrCab 6.00 LE Base-Fare
    MisrCab 2.2 LE Kilo-Meter
    MisrCab 0.3 LE Wait-Minute
    MisrCab 10 LE Mini-Fare

Taxi Star

Taxi Srat Contains a large collection of normal taxis with high conditions and specifications to ensure your comfort, safety and price Seats No. 4 Mileage/EGP 2.20 Trip start 6.00 EGP waiting/ min 0.30 EGP Min. fees 10.00 EGP The program is available 24/7 Note: The final cost of the trip based on the program, distance, traffic congestion and Values added "Karta" to places that express them during the trip