Privacy Policy

By using our site and the smart phones applications, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Therefore we request you to review the following articles carefully in order to be fully aware of the privacy policy followed in MisrCab.
For any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at the following E-Mail:
Firstly, we would like to note that when you register for the service for the first time whether you are a client, an agent, or a captain, this will result creating a personal profile specifically for you, to ensure that your experience is enhanced through customizing it to your preferences and personal profile, and the data would include the following: (e-mail, password, name, phone number, date of birth, gender, and location).
We are committed in MisrCab technology and training to protect the privacy of our visitors and our members. Below we state the privacy policy pursued by MisrCab, with explaining the collected information, and how it is used to serve the visitors and members better while they benefit from our site, and the smart phone application.

Your Personal data:

Your geographical location data is obtained if the service is requested through MisrCab applications, based on which the coordinates are being utilized and sent to the smart phone of the assigned captain. This information is collected to determine the distance, identify trip fees, and ensure the safety of the trip.
In addition to that, your phone identification data is collected in order to provide you with the latest version of MisrCab application. And if you upload your personal photo through the application or website, the same will be saved and displayed to the captain only for ease of recognizing you.
To help us meet your requirements better, we use files (cookies - browsing history files) to store and sometimes to track user information. The cookies are a small amount of data that is sent to your web browser application on your device through the network server and are stored on the hard drive of the device. You can disable cookies or control it via the preferences settings in your web browser.
The cookies are considered files that can be used to identify recurrent customers, allowing following the patterns of use of the site at different times. These files are small and safe that does not cause any damage to the files stored on the device. The method of work is to set a fixed number and does not have any value outside of MisrCab and if you do not want these files, you can disable the settings of your browser, and the privacy policy does not cover cookies files used by a third party.
Ways of utilizing your data:

The basic objective is to offer the best possible way to take advantage of our services and follow best services and work on the continuous improvement. We also allow you to review information of your past trips and save your credit card information with a verified electronic banking system, as well as viewing promotions and evaluating trips.
It also allows us to provide the best application version that meets your needs, according to the type of your device. Also, it is sometimes used in promotions. And as for the credit card information you provide to MisrCab, we only use the last four digits from the credit card to send you bills for the trips to your e-mail.
MisrCab uses your Internet Protocol (IP) address in order to limit your problems and work on resolving the same in a better way, despite the fact that the IP address does not contain any personal data of your own.
E-mails, notifications, and messages related to the service:
We will send you a welcome message to validate your user name and password. MisrCab will also send you the service bill at the end of each trip. You will also receive notifications and special messages for promotional offers and you will be contacted via the prior channels, or through phone calls, based on what deems suitable. This communication will not stop except in the case of account deactivation.
Ways MisrCab will deal with personal information:

MisrCab undertakes to secure information of its customers only.
In case the expansion of MisrCab or the introduction of new shareholders, or engaging in a merger or acquisition or sale, we inform our customers through e-mail or smart phone application notifications. MisrCab might sometimes outsource a third party to facilitate storage or communications, which does not affect the privacy policy followed by MisrCab.
MisrCab is committed not to swap any of its customers’ personal data. However, it is only used for common marketing and promotional campaigns. We may sometimes employ some of the data through a third party to facilitate some services.
We are also committed to maintain the secrecy of curriculum vitae (CV) when there are vacancies in MisrCab, where this data is only used through the known methods and ways. MisrCab shares the responsibility with the government and the agencies responsible for law enforcement within the Arab Republic of Egypt, in order to enforce the law and comply with it, and in accordance with the international policy of customers’ data confidentiality. No information would be disclosed except under special circumstances based on our professional judgment of the situation and public safety.
Amendment to your personal data:

If there is any change to your personal data after using the service and you would like to modify or correct your information, or if you want to temporarily or permanently deactivate your account, you can contact us through our email “” Your request will be reviewed and responded to within 10 days. MisrCab will retain the data and use it as required according to any legal obligations in case of any potential non-compliance related to the agreement.

MisrCab is committed to save all customers’ data within a secured database which will be protected through the common privacy policies (such as firewalls, and encryption). It should be knowledgeable that the customer is obliged to keep the password and not to disclose it to any third party.
Updating Privacy Policy:

It requires at times changing or modifying the privacy policy in accordance with the requirements and ongoing updates inside MisrCab. Given that for any update or change you will be notified through your personal email.
You can contact us through:
Sidi Gaber Towers - Smouha - Alexandria