MisrCab’s captain

If you want to increase your monthly income with suitable working hours, you can do that by becoming captain with MisrCab, that will be after receiving the adequate training and support to be a privileged captain.
MisrCab rely on its flexible conditions for the captain, so that he could be on a high level of efficiency and quality in every trip out. Hence, MisrCab’s captain can control the amount of his daily working hours, as he can also work full-time or part-time. So the captain has the right to choose the appropriate hours throughout the week and get the money in an easy way based on transparency, flexibility and constant motivation.
Whether you're on duty or not, MisrCab team is always ready to provide necessary support and assistance to you. Sign up with us by clicking on the button captain and record your data, and we will review your request as soon as possible and examine the car, and we will initiate the training lectures to be a professional captain.

Partners, and registration of companies

MisrCab depends on ambitious partners with expertise in the field of tourism and Limousine services, in order to work within the framework of an integrated team work, looking for distinction, success and competition in the Egyptian Market.
MisrCab provides all the modern technical means to its partners, in order to professionally manage the fleet on financial and administrative aspects, and in accordance with the acceptable standards of quality, safety and transparency.
You can now register your company with MisrCab through submitting your company's data and we will contact you to start the joint cooperation.
Or e-mail us on: contract@misrcab.com