Corporate Social Responsibility

MisrCab, as an essential partner in the Egyptian society, is working with enthusiasm and dedication to serve the community through a variety of charitable and developmental activities.

MisrCab is one of the exclusive Egyptian companies in the field of transportation technology that respects the customs, traditions and ways of life for Egyptian society. Our relationship with the customers is much deeper than just a working relationship. MisrCab is committed to help in the development of the community, improving the living standards, and future ambitions.

We in MisrCab believe that our success follows the success of individuals and the society in which we are supporting. Just as our services are based on transporting our customers with our partners from car owners, our initiatives also are based on maintaining the security and safety of the community. We help people with enthusiasm for the development of their business and discover new ideas.

The company’s programs for social responsibility revolve around charitable works, health, guidance and innovation, through these multiple initiatives; we participate in the hopes and dreams of the society. Contact us through E-mail: idea@misrcab.com

The secret of success

All time involvement of our team in the ongoing cooperation and giving programs.